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Packaging Pro

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Packaging professionals aren’t in the mainstream.

Its very important to obtain a referral when seeking a seasoned packaging professional.

Depending on your line of business and industry, a specialized packaging professional

may suit your needs best.  Larry Dull, one such seasoned packaging professional, has

varied experience, but is particularly familiar with the packaging of chemicals or hazardous

materials. Most of his patents have been awarded to him for significant contribution,

engineering, and development of such specialized packaging.

Corporate giants, such as DuPont, Calgon, Kodak, Owens-Corning, and Syngenta know Larry’s value

and have profitted both from his knowledge and resourcefulness.  Larry recieved his first

patent while working for Ciba-Geigy in the 1990’s and was just awarded another patent

for innovative packaging last month.

There are a couple of packaging professionals online proclaiming to be “the” packaging

expert you need.  Next time you speak with them, ask them how many patents they’ve

been granted for innovative packaging concepts.

Packaging Engineer

Packaging engineers aren’t usually what first comes to mind when we think of an engineer.

Packaging engineers play a crucial role in our world today. In order for hazardous materials
to be safely transported it is necessary for an experienced packaging engineer
to design and test the proposed packaging materials. That packaging engineer also
has to understand shipping standards, which may vary depending on type of
transportation used. International packaging regulations are much more stringent
than national standards oftentimes requiring further and more specific
evaluation by a packaging engineer. A company can save a lot of money by
investing in a packaging engineer experienced with shipping standards and
procedures. This investment will save in the long term.

Packaging Professional

IoPP pix

A true “packaging professional” belongs to professional packaging organizations
such as IoPP or ISTA IoPP, the Institute of Packaging Professionals, based
in Illinois, boasts thousands of professional packaging graduates located
around the country. The members of  ISTA, International Safe Transit Association,
may have ties to IoPP, as well as the benefits of testing facilities which is an
integral part of providing excellent professional packaging services.

Larry Dull Granted Ninth Patent for Innovative Packaging

    Packaging Professional, Lawrence Dull, has just been awarded his ninth US patent for innovative package design. His first packaging professiona patent award was conceived in the labs of Ciba-Geigy circa 1988. His latest, for a design while working for Syngenta as a packaging professional. Larry is currently working on his tenth patent.

PTA Consultant, Larry Dull Receives Packaging Industry’s Highest Honor

For Immediate Release

PTA Consultant, Larry Dull Receives Packaging Industry’s Highest Honor

Las Vegas, NV: September 26, 2011 – Larry Dull, of Packaging Technology Associates, LLC, was one of

only five packaging professionals to be inducted into PMMI’s Annual, “Packaging Hall of Fame”,

at this year’s PACK EXPO.

Since it’s inception in 1970, only 150 packaging professionals have received the packaging

industry’s highest honor.

Among the accomplishments that place Larry in this elite group, are his

eight patents for developing such packaging innovations as closed chemical handling systems,

water soluble film structures, and containers for gel packages.

With over thirty remarkable years in the industry, he is considered a leading authority

in his field, is highly sought for speaking engagements, expert testimony, and consulting

services all over the world.

“This is to packaging professionals, what

being inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame

would be for Billy Joel or Eric Clapton.”, says

Robert Dennen, who a member of this year’s

PMMI Selection Commission.

During his acceptance speech, Larry recalled the specific moment he decided

to go into packaging. It was while playing in a bridge tournament with the head of the Placement

Bureau at Michigan State University, who told him that packaging engineering was the job of the future.

PMMI’s Selection Committee chooses packaging leaders who have particularly

dedicated themselves to the industry through expanding packaging knowledge,

volunteer leadership, and have personally advanced the field of packaging.

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