Accenture – educational course development

Acme McCrary – sustainability work

Addivant – package damage reduction

Arysta – packaging design/development

Attwood Marine – sustainability work

Batter Blaster – sustainability work

BD Medical – distribution environment study

bioMerieux – package testing

Bronco Wine – packaging design/development

Bug Juice – expert witness services

Chick-fil-A – packaging design/development

Continental Structural Plastics – packaging design/development

Owens Corning – package design and process

Cott – sustainability work

Covidien – packaging process

Dean Foods – sustainability work

DSM – packaging process

DuPont – package design, process and research

Eastman Chemical – package design and process

Euro Pro – packaging design/development

Fresh Mark – sustainability work

International Safe Transit Association – educational course development

Institute of Packaging Professionals – educational course development

Jockey – package process

Lend Lease – packaging design/development

Master Lock – sustainability work

Merisant – sustainability work

Monosol – market development

Novartis Animal Health – package testing

Octal – sustainability work

Otto Environmental – sustainability work

Quanex – package design and testing

Remington – sustainability work

Sandoz – package testing

Sanfilipo and Sons – sustainability work

Smart Holograms – market development

Stone Mountain – sustainability work

Woodstream – sustainability work

Various – expert witness services for patent and liability cases