LCD standing 6-2011

Packaging professionals aren’t in the mainstream.

Its very important to obtain a referral when seeking a seasoned packaging professional.

Depending on your line of business and industry, a specialized packaging professional

may suit your needs best.  Larry Dull, one such seasoned packaging professional, has

varied experience, but is particularly familiar with the packaging of chemicals or hazardous

materials. Most of his patents have been awarded to him for significant contribution,

engineering, and development of such specialized packaging.

Corporate giants, such as DuPont, Calgon, Kodak, Owens-Corning, and Syngenta know Larry’s value

and have profitted both from his knowledge and resourcefulness.  Larry recieved his first

patent while working for Ciba-Geigy in the 1990’s and was just awarded another patent

for innovative packaging last month.

There are a couple of packaging professionals online proclaiming to be “the” packaging

expert you need.  Next time you speak with them, ask them how many patents they’ve

been granted for innovative packaging concepts.